Radio Show

Members of Willamette University’s La Chispa environmental justice coalition visit the KMUZ radio station in Salem, Oregon, during a September 2017 training session. Pictured collaborators are (left to right): Diana Marquez Guerrero, Dr. Catalina de Onís, Brelynn Hess, Michelle Hicks, and Sky Blaw.

The Worldviews Wednesday weekly KMUZ program engaged themes and topics to communicate a just, equitable, and sustainable Salem-Keizer community and aired September 2017-August 2018. Dr. Onís and Willamette University students co-hosted interviews and also prepared reports on a variety of social justice and sustainability topics.

Senior seminar class members also generated videos and podcasts for airing on local TV and radio. A sampling of these topics included food communication and Latinx identities, flight shaming and corporate messaging, and the role of xenophobia, racialization, and scapegoating in shaping COVID-19 discourses in the United States.

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