A conversation about Puerto Rico’s energy past, present, and future with CU Denver’s Dr. Sarah Fields for her course on social justice and democracy (September 2020). 
Presentation about the book “¡Ustedes tienen que limpiar las cenizas e irse de Puerto Rico para siempre!:” la lucha por la justicia ambiental, climática y energética como trasfondo del verano de Revolución Boricua 2019, with Hilda Lloréns and Ruth “Tata” Santiago (Fall 2020). Sponsored and organized by Editora Educación Emergente (
A bilingual film screening and discussion about Coal Ash Stories and the ways in which the four documented stories relate to ongoing anti-coal ash and environmental, climate, and energy justice struggles in Puerto Rico against US-owned company AES.
A conversation about different journalistic and storytelling approaches and their possibilities and pitfalls with communication and other students at CU Denver (December 2020).
A conversation about energy and climate change realities in Puerto Rico with the Puerto Rican Student Association of the University of Notre Dame and Dr. Arturo Massol (April 2021). This event was previewed in Notre Dame University’s student newspaper.
An International Communication Association Convention panel presentation. Theme: “Engaging the Essential Work of Care: Communication, Connectedness, and Social Justice”  (May 2021).
Presentation about the book La justicia ambiental es para ti y para mí/Environmental Justice Is for You and Me, with Mabette Colón Pérez (Fall 2021). Sponsored and organized by Editora Educación Emergente (
Virtual presentation at the University of Montana (Sept. 23, 2021).
Discussion with Chema Baerga Aguirre (Casa Comunitaria de Medios), Hernaliz Vazquez Torres (Obervatorio Acción Climática), and Adriana Gonzalez (Sierra Club Puerto Rico) to preview the in-person and virtual film premieres of El poder del pueblo. The conversation is available on the Sierra Club Puerto Rico Facebook page (Oct. 21, 2021).
Virtual film premiere and discussion with El poder del pueblo production crew and featured interviewees, Oct. 26, 2021.
Bilingual El poder del pueblo film crew discussion with environmental justice attorney Ruth Santiago, media creator Hery Colón Zayas, and Dr. Catalina de Onís, Oct. 2021.
Virtual bilingual children’s book reading and discussion for Lowrie Primary School students and their families in Wilsonville, Oregon.
Presentation about community-based filmmaking for Latina/o/x Environmental Communication panel, National Communication Association, Nov. 2021 Conference.
Presentation about “archipelagoes of power” as a coalitional concept and its application in the creation and circulation of a bilingual children’s book, National Communication Association, Nov. 2021 Conference.
Seminar presentation about public-facing, multilingual projects, Northwestern University’s Center for Latinx Digital Media, Jan. 6, 2022. This “Journeys” webpage provides highlights from this presentation and the podcast conversation listed below.
Interview on El Café Latinx podcast about instructional experiences teaching Latina/o/x Communication Studies in multiple delivery modes and at different institutions, plus the importance of rejecting English monolingualism in scholarly and other creative work.
Seminar presentation about energy justice for the Univ. of Utah’s Center for Global Change and Sustainability Center, previewed in this article, Sept. 6, 2022.
Presentation for the panel “The Praxis of Care in an Age of Climate Crises: Critical and Intersectional Perspectives on Fieldwork and Multimodal Organizing,” Conference on Communication and the Environment, June 2023.

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